IDC’s latest sales report reveals that Oppo and Vivo have managed the world’s top five.

But who would have thought if the two mobile phone manufacturers are owned by one company.

Is a company called BBK which turned out to be the parent company of Oppo and Vivo. BBK own translation company that wrestle in the field of smartphone smartphone industry, this chinese origin company even make a mock game from the Super Nintendo console.

Who would have thought if both mobile phone manufacturers were successful worldwide.

But Oppo itself is a company that wrestle in the field of mobile phones, electronic manufacturer launcher that makes DVD Player, Blu-Ray and audio. five years ago, the new Oppo showed his fangs in the world of mobile phone industry.

BBK currently has a production capacity of 10 hectares. facilities that support about 17 thousand workers who try their fortune. Thus, BBK was claimed to be able to compete in China and the world’s mobile market.

But the expansion of BBK is not limited to Oppo and Vivo, OnePlus pioneer company in fact also associated with BBK. According to the information being, OnePlus is a subsidiary of Oppo. With the Oppo by BBK, OnePlus auto also belongs to BBK.

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