Jakarta – In social media, Marshanda revealed the hidden content of his heart that he missed the child. Many netizens give empathy to him and encourage Marshanda who is in the mood for the baby.

Marshanda wants his expression of longing for the child to be an inspiration and strength to other mothers who experience the same thing with him. the sadness that he had in the past, did not make Marshanda a weak mother, he can still exemplify being an active woman and continue to work.

“I hope I can be an example that although I have mental illness, although I have a sadness on one side of my life, but I still struggle to feel happy, I do it, I struggle to work, I’m still productive.”

“So I want to show, not forever if we have a problem that means we have to give up, down, we stop productive because we are disappointed with life because we are angry with the path of destiny Allah is chosen for us, no,” he continued.

Sadly unable to meet the baby, Marshanda continues to accompany his sadness with positive thinking. With his sadness, Marshanda pointed out that not always a heavy problem must be dealt with negatively.

“I want to keep shooting, it works, it’s not that I’m fine, perfect, that’s what I want to show to people even though there is one side I feel crushed, but that’s the power for me, and I can still be productive , work and that something is not impossible, “he said.

“So basically, the main purpose of my post is not to ‘vent’ but to strengthen people who have limitations and sadness in their lives,” please Marshanda.

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